Prophecy Collective – Visions of Childhood Full Length Album (digital) USB Key

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Full Length Digital Album – Prophecy Collective

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Prophecy is an Orlando, FL. based electronic rock band.

Product Description

Prophecy Collective – Visions of Childhood full length album (digital) USB Key. Includes artwork, liner notes, pictures, and bonus content. High quality usb key with vivid uv coating to reduce scratches & wear. Printed Prophecy band logo.

Music is a perfect gift for a friend, loved one, or business associate. Set the mood with upbeat electronic music by Prophecy Collective. Genre: Breakbeat, Electronic, Electro, Breaks, Electro-Rock

Track Listing

  1. Sonic Psyche (Prophecy & C. Domingo)
  2. Somebody 2 Love* (Prophecy *Origional version by Jefferson Airplane)
  3. Perfect Being (Prophecy & D. Downs)
  4. Anthem (S. Denise, E. McGualey)
  5. Just A Seed (Prophecy)
  6. Creative Mind (S. Denise, C. Domingo)
  7. Somebody 2 Love (*Prophecy, *Origional version by Jefferson Airplane)
  8. Intro (Ambionica & Prophecy)
  9. Here Comes the Rain (Barbie)
  10. Pleazure (Love Club)
  11. Coming Home (A.F.C ,feat, Noel Sanger & Dauby)
  12. Anthem (Prophecy & Eros)
  13. Sonic Psyche- the future (Prophecy)

Product Description

Enhanced angelic vocals over eclectic electronica. A passage across the vast ocean of the human spirit. Expresses an inricate web of experiences and emotions. The composition takes the categories of progressive house, ambient, techno, and electronica to new meanings and uncharted expanses.


Prophecy insists on performing live in real time, rather than pre-recording and dropping…as most electronic acts do. —

Prophecy [Arroyave]…realized that several thousand beat-hungry dance fans were lined up to get back inside for the show. — Orlando Weekly

About the Artist

Prophecy came together in Orlando Florida (the latest hotbed of electronic music)Prophecy’s collaboration with many hot new electronic artists allows them to spread quickly in the U.S. Their lyrics, dynamic beats, and innovative compositions have been embraced in the electronic and rock music scenes.

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